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[TCML] Transformer for sale

Hi folks,

As you might have guessed by the test emails, not all postings are coming 
through. I'll see if I can get that resolved.  In the mean time, here's 
the message that alerted us to the issue.

tcml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx post from kd0zz.rich@xxxxxxxxx requires approval
"Rich Kd0zz" <kd0zz.rich@xxxxxxxxx>
12/10/22, 01:46
"tcml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <tcml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have a transformer I can no longer use due to my health. I have advanced 
Parkinsonâ??s disease and can not transport it. You  must pick it up. I live 
just off highway I-70  mile marker 183 , east side of Missouri.

Heavy , well made, not lightweight NST,  plate transformer, 208 to 240 
input points , 13,000volts at  90 ma out.

I did not compete the tesla coil for it. Made a MMC bank  and made a 
secondary and got to ill to complete it and no would no longer be safe for 
to do it.

Guess I will have to stick with 12Vdc ham radio

Make me a offer direct to my email rich.kd0zz@gmail dot com and we can 
work out, I will also send you my phone number and we can work out any 

Rich, Kd0zz