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[TCML] Re: Fractal wood burning deaths

I won't give away or sell my HV stuff. Here's why.
Did you know that 34 people have died by using MOT's copying TikTok
instructions as a "craft hack for fractal wood burning"

Google " deadliest craft hack " video by Ann Reardon. Should be top of
selection. Please watch it.
This is orders of magnitude greater than Tesla coil deaths. I guess we
were somewhat protected by having to have some preexisting knowledge
of HV.Also we avoid the noisy streamers and sparks from the topload
which keeps us away from the lethal primary supply. But a microwave
oven transformer will electrocute you silently (then your wife trying
to save you and then burn your house down)
I was horrified to see someone holding MOT leads (2000VAC) with large
crocodile clips in each hand insulated but so close to the metal jaws.
He died.
I am ashamed to say I have had this on my site (for 15 years) although
I have avoided "how-to-do -this-at-home" instructions on almost all of
my stuff. Stuff I have done is a record of what I have done and not
how to do it at home.
This really is "Don't try this at home" stuff.Peter Terren