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[TCML] Re: Finally finalizing my 304er VTTC

Hi all,

Okay, here is some measurements out of curiosity of the damaged secondary.
There is really what I call no real changes here. Not completely sure what
to make of this. While I was not expecting a huge difference, I was
expecting some. Not what I consider "peanuts". Now under running conditions
it could definitely be different. Will never know now, since I do not have
any measurements of coil running with this damage. I do have some before
this. I will let the few pictures speak for themselves. FSA on my note,
stands for secondary Free Standing Alone (no toroid and break out point)
for my starting frequency here on this coil.

I'm going to be stripping this wire off. I was originally not planning
this. But I want to better see where all the rippling is located on the
whole form. Has me curious now. But first I am going to do some
measurements with a new device of mine which I have had actually almost a
year now and have not gotten around to using it. I will post details of it
when I get there. I have to learn some on using it also.


Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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