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Re: [TCML] Westinghouse pole pig info

Wow... why are none these places near me...You too, Mr. Nico, I'd take it off your hands if you weren't 24 hours drive from me, lol. -Jay
-------- Original message --------From: Tedd Dillard <tedd.dillard@xxxxxxxxx> Date: 5/22/20  10:24 AM  (GMT-05:00) To: Tesla Coil Mailing List <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: [TCML] Westinghouse pole pig info There is a scrap yard orlando that sells good ones for $7.00 dollars perKVA.On May 22, 2020 8:54 AM, "Mr Nico" <nicothefabulous@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:> I got this one some years ago from an electrician.  Thought he said it was> only good for 8000v so I never did anything with it.   Well I'm trying to> move the rest of my junk to San Antonio from Las Cruces aaaaaand I finally> really looked at the nameplate.>> Tag reads:>> Additive Polarity    Class OA   Single Phase 60Hz>> 15kVA           73AD 1144>> 8000/13860    120/240>> A7912A15KAE       1.6>> And all copper windings.  After ther voltage it looks like it says GRD> over a Y>> It's a 15kVA 2 bushing unit.   Pretty big for most uses.   This might just> be worth more to me than scrap copper.   Any thoughts?>> Get Outlook for Android<https://aka.ms/ghei36>> _______________________________________________> Tesla mailing list> Tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> https://www.pupman.com/mailman/listinfo/tesla>_______________________________________________Tesla mailing listTesla@tedward.pupman.comhttps://www.pupman.com/mailman/listinfo/tesla
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