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[TCML] Westinghouse pole pig info

I got this one some years ago from an electrician.  Thought he said it was only good for 8000v so I never did anything with it.   Well I'm trying to move the rest of my junk to San Antonio from Las Cruces aaaaaand I finally really looked at the nameplate.

Tag reads:

Additive Polarity    Class OA   Single Phase 60Hz

15kVA           73AD 1144

8000/13860    120/240

A7912A15KAE       1.6

And all copper windings.  After ther voltage it looks like it says GRD over a Y

It's a 15kVA 2 bushing unit.   Pretty big for most uses.   This might just be worth more to me than scrap copper.   Any thoughts?

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