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[TCML] WI Teslathon revival...

Hey Tesla coil community, many of you might remember D.C. Cox's Teslathons
in Baraboo, WI years back. I sadly was never able to attend, and haven't
seen much since to fill the void. I am aware of at least one other
Midwest-based event in Ohio, but not sure how often it occurs...

I'm reaching out because I recently acquired about 3.5 acres of property
near Oshkosh, WI. I have three large outbuildings including two pole
buildings and one hoop building (fabric covered with metal frame) that also
has power. The larger pole building has a 120V and 240V 100A service that's
completely separate from the house. There's ample parking space and a huge
grass lawn out back for camping.

I think there may be great potential here to revive a Teslathon in central
WI, and I'm trying to determine the interest in such an event. Would *YOU*
travel to central WI for a new Teslathon?

Any feedback you could provide would be very helpful!

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