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[TCML] DC motor fuse/rectifier issue

I'm using a permanent magnet DC motor for my ARSG. Power is through a variac, to a diode bridge, and then out to the motor under the coil. The issue is that I can't keep the fuses protecting this circuit, nor rectifier, intact. I use a 10 amp fuse at the control cabinet for protection (just off the 120vac hot leg of a 240vac source), and the DC supply cable for the motor is surrounded by grounded braided copper. I have an ammeter to monitor the motor, which indicates proper draw during runs (2-3 amps depending on speed), yet the cheap bridge (50 amp/1000 v) gets warm fast, and also does not endure an extended run on the coil. A while back I created a filter of sort to smooth the full-wave pulses (cap/reactor), but that made things worse, so that was removed.  I don't have a sufficient understanding of the induced currents associated with these coils, and hoping someone here can help. I have yet to determine if a failed bridge is the cause of the fuse blowing, so I may insert some fuses at different points of the circuit to find out. My assumption is the rectifier (very cheap ebay item) could be at fault, but there is a lot of knowledge I lack about what impacts of these coils on surrounding/supporting circuits. Any thoughts on what can do to resolve this?
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