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Re: [TCML] Filter coils for large generator.

Three phase, single phase?  A common mode choke and some good filtering
caps might be more effective then installing in line (normal mode)
 chokes.  NM chokes would help with PF correction.  CM chokes tend to be a
large ferrite ring with 10-30 turns of both hot legs single phase or two
phases three phase.  The coils are arranged so that with current flow
through them, magnetic fields cancel each other (subtractive polarity).
With three phase you need (3) of them (A-B, B-C, A-C).  Rings have to be
big because your winding large wire on them (10 turns of #6 x 2 sets on a
2” ID ring will be damn near impossible to fabricate by hand).  A power
(LF) ferrite or powered iron toroidal rings will be needed and these sizes
won’t be cheap unless you can repurpose out of a wrecked EMI RFI filter.

The best option would be a purpose built 100/200 EMI filter, rated for
voltage of your generator.  They’re often in 20-30kVA 120/208 3ph Data
Center UPS’s.  Salvage prices vary $100ish is possible.  New upwards of
$500-$1000 or more.

On Sat, Jan 4, 2020 at 11:47 PM Brandon Bebault via Tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi All,
> I want to make some large band pass filters to protect our generator. I
> recently acquired a 40kw tow generator to power our 15kw rotary spark gap
> Tesla coil. I want to take some extra measures to protect the generator.
> I’m thinking of some large ferrite core toroidal chokes or air core chokes
> with maybe 10-20windings to limit the high freq. One individual choke per
> leg of the power transformer I think that may be all I need but I’m
> guessing and would rather not guess.
> Any input appreciated.
> -Brandon Bebault
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