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Re: [TCML] Fairly big changes to my little 304 VTTC

Hi Steve,

Thanks on the coil :-)

Thanks on the video also. I had several messed up attempts on both videos.
Not very good at this. Hard to get lighting decent also. Then I stumbled on
what I wanted to say also. Took about 6 tries on running video. "Quivering"
video took about 10 tries. In the end I was ok with what I finally had for

Yes, it initially crossed my mind, that it may affect tuning some. But I
also think it is negligible. Actually I was initially freaked out a little
on the first run after suspending the primary. Thought I was going to see
primary to secondary shorting arcs! But all was fine. Very neat to see the
physical oscillations/magnetic repulsion/whatever else is going on. I was
kind of keeping this a secret. Wanted to show this at Roger's Teslathon
first. Then afterwards I was going to post on the list here also. But as
you know, just finally introduced here, after getting repaired.

I found the tank capacitors therms interesting. I think you might be
misinterpreting the thermals some.
Not really that warm and/or hot.
Some warm up is expected. The therms show 3 of the 4 tank caps. Forgot to
get the "tucked in" 4th. Curious on this one. Will do all 4 again this
I am also running quite a bit more capacitance than a "normal/traditional"
VTTC. About 18.75nF total currently. The variable vacuum cap, which is the
coolest at 75°F is at about 750pF. The next warm one is a 292 mica at 4nF
at 81.5°F. The warmest one is a 291 mica at 10nF at 92.5°F. The one I did
not get, is a 291 mica at 4nF. To me they make sense in their temps in
relation to their amount of charging and discharge of each different one.
Also the different "package" sizes is a factor. When you touch them you
actually don't feel much. I think the average hand temperature is about
So pretty neutral or just maybe slightly warm to touch. So the warmest one
is also the smallest in package size, with the most capacitance. So this
one is "working the most". And this is verified by therm.

You will get back to the 833A eventually. It is good to take a break and
"walk away" sometimes and do other things.
Clears the mind, and I feel you get better ideas to try next...there is
more in your coil somewhere...

I will be posting some more therms this weekend sometime. Will be taking
some after some really long runtimes and see what I get.

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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