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Re: [TCML] Eastern Voltage Research VTTC Staccato Controller - puzzled on "burst" output

Hi all.

Well, it took a bit, but I have found the problem. Took some experimenting
with a temporary wired up external potentiometer in the "burst" part of the
circuit to realize something was wrong elsewhere. In the burst circuit
there are 3 different fixed resistors for the timing of this. And this is
what I want to use in conjunction with 3 external toggle switches instead
of the included internal dip switches.
It is optional, but you can use an external pot, but again I would prefer
the fixed values.

While adjusting the temp. pot, and watching the scope, there was then
strange things going on.

So yes, decided something of course wrong in this part of the circuit.
Decided to try the easiest first, change the 555 timer. I used a socket, so
real easy to try. Yep this was the problem, a defective 555. Scope checks
all looked good, removed temp. pot. Then all fixed values looked good. Then
closed everything up and tested on the VTTC. Works great now.

The "bursts" are now verified as a 2 pulse and now 5 pulse on the scope.
Supposed to be 4, but because of actual resistance value a little over.
Close enough for me, not going to change resistor.

Pretty interesting this "burst". Some changes also varying the PW during
Pretty cool overall. I will post some running video eventually when I take
some. Currently tweaking some tuning. Some slight noticable changes,
compared to my other interrupter on the breadboard.

Anyway, here are some pictures of it, and a few scope pictures.


Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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