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Re: [TCML] Bizarre tesla coil on E-Bay

Hi Gary,

Learn something new everyday. BTW nice job that you did there on yours. I
will admit I am not as familiar with spark type coils, and did not realize
such large inductances have been used and dual layer and now possibly more
layers have been tried and worked on spark coil. I will admit I am used to
seeing less turns on most spark coils that I have seen and pics online. Or
it is possible that I can't see this sometimes, when this is going on. I am
used to seeing higher inductance primaries on tube coils, but not to this
level either. I did once quite a while ago tried a dual layer vertical
helix primary on a tube coil and failed at it because of arcing between the
two layers. Gave up right away, took it apart. I suppose now, some
insulating material in between might have helped or I would have needed a
larger form to separate the distance between the two. But I just gave up
and went back to what I think is most consider the normal approximate
ranges of most tube coil primaries.
Interesting, many have to experiment in the future sometime again when I
possibly get a chance... so maybe one day. I would be interested to if hear
others also if they have tried dual or more?

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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