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Re: [TCML] DC Coils


Answering my own post, it looks like Richie's site is largely out of service -- most of the images don't work now.  He must have lost his image hosting service.

However, if you go to Archive.org, and put in his URL, they have many website snapshots going back a long time, and some of those from 2007 seem to have most of the photos and schematics still present.


On 1/27/2019 8:19 PM, Daniel Kunkel wrote:
Can anyone share some design and schematic info on spark gap DC coils? This
new tiny coil frenzy has me wanting to utilize a 6.5 Kv 20ma NST in such a

~Dan (I should probably finish getting my new PT and STSG integrated in my
coil first...but I lack motivation)
Kansas City area
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