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Re: [TCML] Let's Get Small

On 1/15/19 5:08 PM, Gary Lau wrote:
With apologies to Steve Martin, I was hoping to inspire some discussion on
the small end of the Tesla Coil spectrum.  Not to suggest it's easy but
everyone knows if you throw 10KVA into a coil, you're eventually going to
get some big sparks.  Not much has been shared about the other end of the

Several years ago I threw together a palm-top sized coil powered by a yard
sale bug zapper transformer.  Bug zapper transformers are built just like
NST's, current limited but tiny.

there's also the GMHEICSLR one can work on - basically driving a GM HEI ignition coil off 110V line.
1 foot sparks are possible..

http://www.powerlabs.org/gmheicslr.htm has a story by Sam Barros from 2010 illustrating his ideas. Sam has moved on to other things (if you need your GT-R tuned or enhanced, he's a guy to talk to), although I suspect he might have his old coils laying around.

There's also some old posts on 4hv.org

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