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Re: [TCML] Pole transformer repair

I agree

On 10 Jan. 2019 11:34 am, "Tyler LaVite" <tlavite@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello all! I wrote before talking about repairing my 25kva 14400/7620V.
Quick rundown Incase you missed last email chain... it’s a new transformer
had an issue at shipping which is how I ended up with it... it was running
fine till I ran a .125mF 100kv pulse cap in series with a Jacobs ladder...
it just stopped and kept drawing 50 amps. At full arc it was ballasted to
about 80-90 amps. With no arc it pulled nothing until the damage now it
sits there at 50 amps with no arc output. So I pulled the core and found a
small burn spot on the outside HV winding I pulled the paper and found it
was just a dot the size of a ball point pen. I fixed that easily... tested
and still pulling 50 amps... I don’t know if this is the proper way but
obviously there is two HV windings I checked resistance on both windings
separately and they are the same I would figure if one was shorted
somewhere I would get a different reading then the other winding but all
reading match each winding perfectly... so I moved onto the low voltage
side... it’s two windings also a hot and the neutral from one hot to one
neutral I get nothing I get OL for overload on my fluke... same goes for
the other LV winding but then I clip the two neutrals together like they
would be when installed and test the resistance across both hots I get 138
ohms... is there any foot tests I can do with my oscope and a signal
generator? Or any other voltmeter tests I can do to try and narrow down
what the issue could be... if it’s the LV side I’m screwed I can’t get
inside there to repair it.

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