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Re: [TCML] Pole transformer repair


Good to hear that the fix looks to be relatively simple.

I would think that you will have to re-center the core inside the tank.  At the voltages involved, a few layers of varnish are not going to provide adequate insulation.  Distance from the can and lots of oil are what you will need to prevent further breakdown.


On 1/4/2019 7:54 PM, Tyler LaVite wrote:
Guess what guys! I pulled apart my transformer tonight and found a tiny burn mark on the outer wrap of HV side. I opened the paper it was right next to the end and there is one tiny little dot on one wrap of wire. What I found out happened was when this transformer got its bushing hit by a fork lift it shifted the core and it was sitting on the tank and it burned a small dot through the paper and was grounding onto the can. A good couple of coats of electrical varnish should fix it right up... man I’m so happy good end to a Friday!

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