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Re: [TCML] Some VTTC tube rolling results...got surprised twice!

Hello Chris,

How many turns do you have on your feedback coil? Do you have taps?

Steve White
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Hello all and Happy New Year,

Just an update on my 304 VTTC.
Made a couple of changes this weekend.
I have switched to a wider range vacuum variable cap. Decided after running
the previous weekend that I would like this.
The previous one ranged from by my measurements: 453.9-916.2pF.
The new one: 92.64-1510.2pF.
And used in conjunction with a fixed mica at: 2307pF.
Then while I was the switching vacuum variable cap, I decided to clean up
my RF ground some for better looks.
Coulpe of pics:



After running with the new wider range cap, I am happy that I made this
change, as I can tune for even more running conditions than before, just as
I thought I should be able to. I am still also using the same rheostat in
the grid leak that has been on this coil for quite awhile. It is a 10k ohm
I can tune for all kinds of different running conditions using a
combination of adjusting both.
Anyways, here are a few results "playing" with expanded range and still
just using the 120V out of variac.
On the TL#2 I can now tune this tube in to allow for pretty good consistent
swords like #1 (still best at this so far...) or I can run like normal with
the usual just sword like with the what I call "leghorns" for maximum
33"@14A with leghorns.
29"@11A pretty good swords.
I shot a little bit of video of these swords with rate up some.


Then I switched to TL#8 and just played around again. Could not so far get
this tube to do swords, but can get other interesting behavior now. Again
every tube seems just a bit different.
Here is a result with the rate turned up a bit.  About 33",could be a bit
more at times :-) @14A with leghorns. Couple of pictures and videos. One
video is in thermal, just thought it would be interesting...




https://photos.app.goo.gl/ <https://photos.app.goo.gl/e1Ht91Etv4G5iNat8>
e1Ht91Etv4G5iNat8 <https://photos.app.goo.gl/e1Ht91Etv4G5iNat8>

Well back to playing and experimenting here... will eventually scope some
things that I am curious about and take some notes and pics.

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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