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Re: [TCML] Muscial tesla coils a gimmick?

Being addicted to both Tesla coils and music myself, their combination can
be addictive as well. I think that can become an art like in this video by
Eric Goodchild and Jeff Thomas:


Some of the low notes, sounding like a helicopter, are especially
designed pulse trains.
The writer of the song was so delighted by this performance, that he called
one of his later albums "Tesla".


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A lot of Tesla coil music is fully modulated midi tracks. Easy (relatively) to do but sounds harsh like a chain saw symphony. I use music with twin Tesla coils in cages. This allows operators and computers to be adjacent without risk. The music is played in full through conventional audio speakers. The lead instrument is overwritten as a Tesla coil midi track written by my son. This setup allows the music to be free of distortion but the stereo Tesla sparks are dramatic and powerful. It is much more pleasant to listen to. These sparks are only up to 2 feet long but you can be much closer. Note, I don't have any tracks on the web of commercial artists at present re copyright issues and YouTube. But here is a segment of one of my sons compositions:

Big sparks are fun but a significant proportion of my Tesla coil TV media is with small Tesla coils or special effects. There is a lot of close interaction possible. I checked my website. My longest sparks of 11 feet was number 26 photo down from the top which shows how I see the importance of bigger is better.

So I feel that music can be be part of what Tesla coils can do. They all can be interesting and enjoyable in their own way.

Peter Terren

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