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Re: [TCML] triggered spark gaps

On 9/18/18 6:31 PM, David Speck wrote:

Do you have any suggested circuits for triggering a field distortion gap?  I scored some really big escapees from a certain Lxxx Govt lab via an eBay seller who didn't know what they were. They have ~2" diameter electrodes separated by about 4 " inside a foot long polycarbonate cylinder.

that's a huge gap distance

The trigger electrode is a thin brass sheet with a coaxial circular hole midway between the two electrodes.  There are brass fittings in each end piece where some sort of gas was circulated through the units.

Any idea of what gas they would have circulated through them, and at what pressure?  I would guess dry N2 at one atmosphere.

or SF6


You can probably find data sheets.

Maxwell made/makes triggered gaps -
Physics International also did
EG&G/Perkin Elmer also did

It seems that Hofstra International picked up their product lines:

I've got a couple that look a lot like this:


Plenty of app information:
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