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Re: [TCML] Some VTTC tube rolling results...got surprised twice!

Great pics and nice results! Can you point to info on your coil design?

I am still hoping to build a VTTC and would like to know of the design that
most have settled on.



On Thu, Sep 6, 2018, 8:44 AM Chris Reeland <chrisreeland@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> This past weekend I rolled a total of 12 tubes on my normally T-200 tube
> MOT VTTC which has several postings on here in the past. This is just some
> brief results of all tubes from my notes. This rolling was mainly to test
> several tubes that I have aquired recently and several that I have had for
> quite a while and never have gotten around to trying. And just to have fun
> seeing streamers, which has been a while since starting a new job. Just
> been too busy, which I think I mentioned on a different thread post here.
> #1 Starting with the normal Cetron T-200 to verify all is still running the
> same. Got the expected 31" as usual.
> #2 Penta Lab.  PL-254W  Got 23" with this tube which is about what I
> expected, this is not a very powerful tube, but it did great for what it
> is.
> #3 Eimac 450TL  Got 18". Disappointed that this tube is weak. There was
> some strange uneven heating of the plate, so that explains why.
> #4 Eimac 450TH Got 31". Which is about what was expected.
> #5 Eimac 6C21 No.1 Got 31" (same as above)
> #6 Eimac 6C21 No. 2 Got 31" (same)
> #7 Eimac 6C21 No. 3 Got 31" (same)
> #8 Eimac 1000T Got 31" (same) Also, this big fella hardly breaks a sweat
> here.
> #9 Eimac 304TL No. 1 Got 31", but got perfect "Swords"! Just one after
> another, which I also mentioned the other day in a different post thread.
> (When posted, I had yet to try the tubes below on list.) Surprised by this.
> Still somewhat puzzled by this fella. Always got just sword like and not
> consistent always at that on this coil. Here is a picture link again for
> this:
> https://photos.app.goo.gl/nHrVeivWPXc7DzZ1A
> #10 Eimac 304TL No. 2 Got 36"+!!! Surprised!!! Need something longer to
> measure with now! Yardstick surpassed now :-) These are the typical sword
> like and not consistent as usual, but now crazy long for this little coil.
> For those that don't know, I will give a couple of quick details of the
> coil: The secondary is just 2"dia. by 13.75" of No.28 wire. Primary wire is
> just No.14 neon sign wire. Still puzzled some here again. Did not see this
> coming at all! Thrilled of course though! Here is a picture:
> https://photos.app.goo.gl/ktYKgWTKdwFYddRp6
> #11 Eimac 304TH No.1 Got 36"+ again!!!
> (same as just above) Something about these tubes that my coil really likes!
> #12 Eimac 304TH No.2 Got nothing. Got a dud. Just one bright, two dull, and
> one completely out filament. Did not bring up to full filament voltage
> because of this. And of course no plate voltage at all. Even though the
> filaments on the tube pins check okay with basic meter checks, I always
> bring them up slowly, watching carefully. Good also to limit inrush current
> also.
> So just 2 bad tubes of the bunch.
> But surprised 2 times (well maybe 3, depending on how you look at it).
> So this weekend, I am going to do more testing of these 304's and some
> measurements also hopefully. Going to go back to some of the other tubes
> also and try a few things.
> Okay enough for now... just might have to rename my coil to a 304 now. We
> will see, after some more testing this weekend to reverify.
> Chris Reeland
> Ladd, Illinois, USA
> Oh, just one more thing, specifically to Steve White. Have you done
> anything to your 833A coil in the past several months, since we last had an
> exchange?
> Just wondering.
> Sent from my LG V20
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