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Re: [TCML] What to call "sparks"?

I want to add one more term that applies mostly to us VTTC guys.
"Swords", at least when you can get them perfect one after another. Come
across a tube that works perfect for this. Somewhat strange to watch this,
just one after another, very straight up, very little side to side
wandering. Been doing tube "rolling" on my normally T-200 tube MOT VTTC
this weekend after changing out a burnt up filament transformer. I was only
one tube in on rolling last weekend and it gave out the magic smoke and
ended that quick. Smelled great also. Not quite sure why it gave out, but I
ordered another filament transformer which is a little bigger VA wise so I
could expand the type of tubes I can roll, so I did not completely mind the
loss. So late last night on the 9th tube rolled I got the perfect swords
with a little tuning. First time on this coil especially at the length I am
getting, 31". All the previous tubes also averaged about 31" also but we're
not perfect swords, just sword like and not consistent. So I still have a
few more to roll tonight. Been taking notes on all tubes, and will probably
give some more details later in the week. Maybe some pictures and video
also that I have been taking. Anyway here is on picture of a nice sword I
got last night:


Chris Reeland
Ladd, Illinois, USA

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