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Re: [TCML] SRSG strobe

On 10/22/18 8:11 PM, Steve White wrote:

Since I read that you are using a 3600 RPM rotor, balance will be crucial, otherwise it could fly apart or shake your coil to pieces. I had a very hard time balancing just 4 tungsten flying electrodes on an 11" rotor turning 3600 RPM. I can't imagine how I would balance 16. I hope you have special balancing equipment. Even if you get the rotor perfectly balanced, as the the flying electrodes wear, the rotor will begin to unbalance. It all depends on how even the erosion is. What I am saying is that the more flying electrodes that you have, the more difficult things become.

I wonder if the "two movable weights" self balancing thing would work..
They use it on washing machines, and truck wheels (little beads in a viscous fluid), but in both of those cases, the suspension allows movement in one axis, which I think is part of how the mechanism works.

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