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Re: [TCML] Home rolled cap's

Think of it this way Jim, 2- 36" X 8" plastic bags with a 6" X 32"
foil strip inserted in each, then rolled up.Here is how this craziness
got started. Last Feb. I purchased an 8" X 50' two pack of food saver
rolls from Amazon for $15. Would have been a good deal if they were
any good,{didn't seal worth a hoot}! So now I see things every day and
think, what am I going to do with 100' of flat plastic bag material.I
know these will not work well for a TC but think of the fun I am
having:)I have been retired for 18 years [Metallurgist/welding
engineer] and boredom does not suit me, so I play with things I know
nothing about ,mostly, and learn! So far I have learned where not to
put my fingers, that lesson was from a MARX I built! I have posed many
questions to the group over the past years, some, I know seem simple
to most, but I am a careful old man, if I wasn't I would not be an old
man:)Maybe you heard about the old bum standing in the street
listening to two building engineers pondering the impossibility of
putting an elevator in an older building saying they didn't think it
was possible. Old bum says, " just put it on the outside of the
building"! some times if you come from a different direction the
problem is easier to solve!That is enough of my drivel, Thanks to the
group for all the help given to me.Doug J. 

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 On 10/20/18 6:51 AM, doug11642@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
 > Hi Steve, What I am doing here is just experimenting around to pass
 > time. I already have a number of functioning MMC's built with
 > purchased caps. This is "my fun"! I have lots of this food saver
 > tubing that I got for almost nothing, and the aluminum foil is
 > I doubt that anyone has tried this method before, so now to see
 > it takes to destroy one. I have rolled three so far and the third
 > is quieter than the first. Now I will try vac'ing them down to see
 > what I get.How many ways did Edison find not to make a light

 So is your final build like this

 plastic bag
 plastic bag
 plastic bag
 plastic bag


 plastic bag
 plastic sheet
 plastic bag

 BTW, on my foodsaver stuff, one side of the bag is sort of
 which I'm sure is "not good" from an insulation standpoint.

 Or are you stripping one side off the roll of material?

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