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Re: [TCML] Primary voltage considerations

On 10/13/18 2:52 AM, Teslalabor wrote:

everybody is talking about "corona losses" in the primary circuit of the teslacoil when using higher voltages. But this is fully neglible, hey we are talking about kA-curents and charging curents of hundreds of mA's coming out of big thransformers - little corona loss is some Microamperes, maybe 1mA! This absolutely doesn't matter in a Tesla primary circuit. Of course in Van de Graaff or cockroft walton generators every  µA counts and thats why they use big spheres ect. So if you have a suitable capacitor which can withstand the higher voltages, there is no problem even with higher voltages.



I don't know that corona "losses" are the problem so much as the fact that if you have corona, you also likely are close to having flashovers, and an arc driven by a multi kVA transformer can do a lot of damage quickly.

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