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Re: [TCML] Some VTTC tube rolling results...got surprised twice!

Hi Matt,

Sorry, been pretty busy lately.

The design that me and most use is now probably the best and the most
simple one to use. It has been around for a pretty long time now. Here is a
link to good online info by someone who has taken the time to gather this
all up, if you are not possibly familiar with it.
This great online info is by Steve Ward.


Let us know when you get started, I would be interested, and can possibly
help when I have time on the list here and others of course also...

Hi Steve,

Great looking 833A VTTC :-) I really like it. As you probably know, I am
still a bench top one. 3/4 of the top. Can be broke down and put back
together, but would be somewhat time consuming, but not real bad.
I remember you saying about the open construction not hiding things, and
being user friendly portable. Glad to finally see some pictures of it.

I hope to be able to go Roger's Teslafest next year. Really wanted to go
this year, but started a new job earlier this year, had to work OT that
Saturday. Planning to take 2 VAC days next year and make a weekend of it.
Thinking of bringing this one. And possibly the current project one if I
ever get it done :-D And tuned up, as you, me and others know can take
quite a while for maximum performance which may be only so much on some
coils unfortunately.  Still learning things about these VTTC's even though
been "messing around" off and on for quite a while now.
Let us know when you try things again. Again always interested in this
fella. This one should be capable of more.

A few updates on my now 304 VTTC. Decided to rename from a T-200 coil.
Just calling it a 304. Actually using several 304TH's and 304TL's. For me,
no real noticable difference in them, except the one tube, that gives the
perfect "Swords".

Recently did some more tuning and tweaking. Moved the LED light fixture
again for the last time I hope. Never thought that I would even reach these
streamer lengths. Been moving and changing height of this several times now
:-) I have also extended the yardstick by just pencil marks. It is 42.5
inches to the floor underside between the floor joists. Not completely
surprised, but the streamers are not really attracted at all to the floor
joists. Rarely hit, and when they do it just bends around and then just
still extends crawling up the side of it.
See the few attached pictures. Including a few others for Matt to see also.
I have several analog meters to monitor several things as I run and test




And one more picture:

ALMOST!!! Just barely... :-)


Getting max of 42" streamers now. Just 1/2" shy of hitting floor.
Input amps peaks at approximately 25 amps during the pulses. This is with
also 5 power factor correction caps at 56uF each. Otherwise definitely
pulling way more amps and definitely tripping the circuit breaker on the
20amp 120v line :-)
Surprised at this great performance being a 120V/20A regular line power and
just a single tube/MOT for this coil.
Hopefully fairly soon I am going to do some scope measurements of several
things when I have time. And the measurements of the final values of some
of my adjustable components. Curious of several things.
Currently, I have it tweaked as the best I can...really wanted to hit
floor, but can't...I can live with that :-) But I will probably still try
at times...part of the fun...just another 1/2"!!!

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

Sent from my LG V20
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