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Hi David and Peter,

I don't know about the "gas discharge" part of the description but I have one of those beasts rated at 120 mA and 15 Kvolts sitting in my garage.  I did not realize they were that rare.  Also not sure about the Arctic climate part either since I got this thing here in Florida.  I have not put it to its intended use yet for a coil but I have tested it.  The guy I got it from had it set as a Jacob's Ladder.  Performs well!


>Hi Peter,


>Yes, though they are a rare animal indeed, there were a few 120 mA gas discharge ballast transformers out there, and I believe they were available in the typical NST voltage ranges (6, 7.5, 9, 12, and yes 15 kV.) >Come to think of it, I can?t recall ever actually seeing one in person myself, just pictures. Don?t know if they even manufacture these type of transformers any more? Seems like IIRC, they were referred to as ?>cold cathode? transformers. Besides possible bombarder duty in neon sign fabrication shops, these beasts would have  probably only seen use in the field in Arctic climates, where subzero ambient >temperatures would impede the noble gases from ionizing as readily, thus requiring more startup current. I seem to recall even seeing a 240 mA! NST, (but only 7500 volts) on eBay once. Many neon type signs >are beginning to be replaced by LED based signs and the few that still utilize the ionization of rarified noble gases to obtain their luminosity use those small inver  ter transformers instead of the old iron core >style, which are unfortunately useless for coiling.


>I would be willing to wager that if you could even find one, it would likely cost you considerably more than a decent 10 or 15 kVA rated pole pig.


>Another David

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