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[TCML] Single versus dual IGBT modules

Having recently been bitten by the DRSSTC bug after being a spark gap guy
for the last 15 years, I've been doing some research and planning for,
first, converting my PT-driven 8" coil to solid state with a CM300 full
bridge, then redesigning what was to be a 10kVA+ pig driven 12" system to
be solid state with a CM600 full bridge.

After watching ebay for the last couple of weeks, it seems that the single
CM300HA-24* units are a bit cheaper per-igbt than the dual units

Besides the added buss design challenges for four separate modules compared
to a pair of half-bridge modules, are there any other reasons why one would
want the dual modules over the singles? It seems like the dual CM300
modules are more popular in the coil designs I've seen than the single
CM300s, while CM600s seem to be mostly single modules.

There was recently what seemed like a good deal on some used CM300HA-24H
modules for $18 apiece plus shipping on ebay that I might pull the trigger
on if they get relisted.
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