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Re: [TCML] open ring substitute...

On 7/11/18 11:58 AM, David Speck wrote:
I would think that "EM transparent" and "electrically conductive" are mutually exclusive in the frequency ranges we are dealing with.

I've never tried it myself, but I suspect that any electrically conductive material would act like a shorted torn, no matter whether it is a copper or aluminum ring, or a piece of wire screen.

I have seen several spectacular museum photos of electrical discharges passing around an insulating glass plate.

I suspect that a simple circular piece of 1/4 to 1/2" Lexan of sufficient diameter would divert a direct strike, but the diversion might be TOWARD the secondary, which would not be good.

This discussion started out with "how do we avoid a secondary winding strike causing damage"

Probably ANY material in front of the wire, if sufficiently thick, will disperse the energy density enough to prevent damage. Although, sparks will make nice pinholes (in skin or plastic or whatever)

If it spreads around a plate, that's probably ok.

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