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[TCML] Looking for info on GE 30F series capacitors

Please excuse the off-topic-ness of the post, but I'm hoping someone on
this list can help me out.

I am looking for information, hopefully datasheets, on some high voltage
capacitors that are long since discontinued. I have looked online and
cannot find any references to them. They are series 30F. These are the
catalog numbers and nameplate specs.

30F1427 3.3uF 10000VDC
30F1427 5uF 10000VDC
30F1431 13uF 10000VDC
30F1404  46uF 5000VDC

I contacted GE and the person that responded claimed they had no record of

They're large, rectangular, oil filled with dual ceramic bushings. I have a
bunch of these, and was hoping to use them to make a small can crusher or
exploding wire rig.

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