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[TCML] Big 12" Tesla SRSG running at 100bps (and 200bps sampler)


The recently mentioned 12" coil with its secondary damage can be seen in more happier times, prior to the damage incident, performing how it was intended to at:

This also shows instances of the same coil running at 200bps as opposed to its native 100bps (more in a later video). This change was achieved by removing the complete 100bps RSG assembly and replacing it with my own 200bps unit from my 8" Phoenix coil, (a reduction in capacitance and re-tune was obviously needed). The easier route of simply swapping the rotor discs over was not possible in this instance.

First thing you notice is the sound of the coil, soon followed by the streamer's behaviour. The 100bps favours multiple breakouts from the toroid, showing its top voltage is not constrained by the toroid's minor diameter, while the 200 produces a single thicker streamer, indicating the top volts achieved with 200bps is not as high as 100bps. This is no surprise though as the MMC voltages end up higher on 100bps. Everything else on the coil, the ballast, pig, coupling, etc, all remains the same. A fuller more detailed video of the whole 100 to 200 exercise will follow shortly. That video will also show my own Phoenix coil (RIP) and what happens when you push your luck.

Phil T

Regards Phil www.hvtesla.com
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