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Very useful info about rotating gap layout!

I was thinking of six rotating and one or two pairs of stationary electrodes, to be able to transfer enough energy per time unit, based on a reasonable capacitor value. The second pair of stationary electrodes should in that case be 150 degrees apart from the first, I thought, to give one firing each 30 degrees of rotation. 

But I realize now that the load on the flying electrodes would be doubled, and that there are well functioning big coils with one pair. 

For a brief moment I was thinking of water cooled stationary electrodes, as in big TIG-welding equipment, but that would be very hard to make. 

Filled the transformer oil today, almost 40 liter, as the coil has held 95 degrees celsius for a day now, and should be dry. The unit is sealed now, but testing will have to wait until I have a functioning ballast. Will start winding tomorrow. 


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