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[TCML] Tesla Coil and X-ray tube

Dear subscribers,
I have recently bought Tesla Coil with adjustable output voltage 5 - 100kV.
It is driven by thyristor (SCR) circuit and powered from the mains.
Tesla coil itself is in mineral oil. Secondary has both ends available from the plastic case, so there is no grounding.
It is this unit: http://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/311006967911-0-1/s-l1000.jpg
The Tesla Coil seems to be powerfull enough - can produce a lot of ozone, arcs can be at least 90mm long.
Input power is around 200W.
I would like to ask you, if you think that with this Tesla Coil I should be able to produce X-rays?
What I have?
- Proper lead shielding
- NaI 2.5x2.5" scintillator probe with sensitivity for 15keV - 3MeV
- Additional Geiger Counter with sensitivity from 50keV - 3MeV
- X-ray tube Trophy/Kodak TRX708
- Vacuum tube DY87
- 20x rectifier diode for 18KV, 20mA (can be connected in a series)
My goal is to produce X-rays, but unfortunately I am not able to do so in any case.
Both X-ray tube and vacuum tube are basically new and verified to work.
What I have tried:
1. Heating filament with AC/DC to nominal current/voltage for maximum electron emmisivity.
2. Connecting TC to Anode and Cathode.
3. Changing TC polarity on the panel (this is swapping live/neutral for the primary side).
4. Using rectifying diodes so that output is pulsed DC.
5. Swapping Anode and Kathode wires.
6. Tried to change filament voltage from 0 to max allowed.
7. Tried same procedures with DY87.
8. Tried it with arcing (wire for cathode had a small gap to create arcs).
Of course collimator from the X-ray tube is positioned parallely to radiation detectors.
What I was able to produce was just RF in some cases.
Could you please let me know what could be wrong? Why my Tesla Coil is not producing any X-rays? Is some grounding required?
I know my meters can pick X-rays pretty well.

Thank you!
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