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[TCML] TC parts and questions.

Hi all,

In the last mail send by Chris the last link (pdf) seemed to not be functioning. I tried it on PC too but there is no change, am I the only one who experiences this, all other links worked fine.

I have gotten closer to finding some parts thanks to all the answers on my previous mail.
In particular I  found magnet wire 0,4mm 440 metres which is exactly what I need. (Since my tube is 11,5 cm in diameter I can get around 1210 turns) My previous mails was about the coating. They use: Polyurethane 155 Deg C Enamel coating. Is this suitable for my secondary coil?

I also will be picking up an old NST (which is quite hard to find where I live). But with a change in plans my MMC rating also changes. (Output current is now 50mA instead of 60mA at 9kV.)
How would I go designing a LTR circuit.
I do not have a high understanding of this and to be honest I am confused in what defines a LTR circuit and how it changes the capacitance.


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