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Re: [TCML] First VTTC - Some help needed choosing tubes

Hi John,

Me and my Dad, we got a couple of those Panasonic inverters from you to try
someday on a VTTC a while back ago. It is on the list on "things to do one
day". Unfortunately it will probably be a while. Got bigger "irons in the
fire" currently. So someday I hope.

So you found the 304's interesting also?
Related also to my next coil using a 3-500ZG, if I fail to get the
performance that I am estimating for, no matter what I try, I am going to
plan B. One of the reasons why I have so many 304's that I have run and
tested/rolled on my small VTTC is that I will switch to a quad setup of
these on that coil for plan B. Trying to get a set "matched" as best I
If I don't need to go to plan B, I may build another for a quad of these
Possible some may think I am lucky to get/have so many good ones, which are
both used and NOS, until my use :-) I have also experienced almost just as
many bad 304's for several reasons. 1 with kind of bad filaments. A set of
4 poorly packed, all filaments shattered. 3 separate bad pack jobs, all
breaking glass at grid pin and of course all kinds of internal damage. Had
3 separate purchases of tubes that were gassy. The gassy tubes were NOS,
never used, but they just go bad sometimes. Most likely the tube seals at
the pins are failing, it happens...And finally had one that was just non-
emissive even though filament lights up just fine, it was a used tube that
was just "tired" now...

Please anybody, don't get discouraged about this, it is still worth it in
the end.
But unfortunately over the years on all kinds of tubes this and similar
circumstances have happened.
This is part of the deal using tubes. It will make you appreciate even more
when you have a really good tube... and I just love the glow and glasswork
and metalwork.

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

Sent from my LG V20

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