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 You may be able to crudely adjust the breakout angle by changing the height of the toroid.  I found that if I placed the toroid very close to the top turn of the secondary, the streamers tended to curve downward.  If I raised it a bit, they broke out horizonally.  If I raised it a lot, I had serious top turn corona and the streamers tended to curve upwards.  By experimenting with toroid height and breakout point location, you may be able to reduce ceiling strikes.  This is only rough adjustment of course.  Some streamers are just wild and there's no controlling them.

    On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 1:45:23 PM CST, Jan Ohlsson <jan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:  
This is the very first test with my 315 mm coil. 


I tried to direct the streamer away from the fluorescent lighting fixtures
and the cables with a break out point. This directed the streamer toward the
roof where it stuck, so I have no idea of the capability of the coil. The
distance from toroid to roof is probably not more than 1,4 m, the toroid is
2,2 m above the floor for comparison. 

I realize that I can not power up the coil without the brake out point, the
streamers would hit the cabling and lighting fixtures. Have to find a way to
move the lighting arrangements. 

Do you think it would be possible to direct the streamers for a longer
sideways strike, without getting it stuck on the roof?

But I am very pleased with my test otherwise, nothing burned or misbehaved
at about half the available power, 10 kW. 

Stockholm, Sweden

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