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I am located in the southwestern corner of Tennessee and do have a large, home built SG Tesla coil, but just don’t really have the proper venue to host a Teslafest/Teslathon, as I currently reside in a suburban neighborhood. I rarely run my coil unless I can attract a crowd of onlookers by appointment, as I do not want to be a nuisance to my neighbors. I do own some real estate in a rural setting some hour and a half drive from my current home and hope to some day relocate my residence to my rural land. This would be an ideal location to host such an event.

David Rieben, 
Memphis, TN, USA

“This is useful. I’ve never been to a Tesla Fest would love to go to one. The Niagara one sounds interesting bc of Nikola Tesla’s hydro plant and museum and also the annual Tesla event.

Here is a useful site I found from searching the internet. 


Does anyone know of any Teslafests or Teslathons in Tennessee?


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