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[TCML] Teslafest appreciation

I would like to thank Roger in Ohio for hosting the Teslafest at his very nice indoor facility. It was a long drive for me and my wife but well worth the trip. There were about 25 attendees that I saw. I met some great people. Roger had his great equipment there including his very impressive big SGTC and his big VTTC. The big SGTC looked to produce at least 15 foot discharges. The big VTTC produced very impressive bushes of sparks about 5 feet in height drawing about 75 amps and occasionally tripping the main breaker. Some attendees brought their equipment with them including a small VTTC, a 833A VTTC, a medium quad NST powered SGTC, two different DRSSTCs, two different tesla coil spark guns, a vacuum chamber with electrodes, a Marx generator, and a tesla coil in a bottle (ask Roger). I sincerely hope that Roger continues this wonderful tradition because I look forward to next year. I saw a lot of pictures and video being taken. I hope those can be published on-line somewhere where everyone can see them.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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