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[TCML] Terry filter soldering and wire AWG? and 1k ohm 100 watt resistors

I got the MMC caps (CD 942C series) and most of the Terry filter parts (minus the 1k ohm 100 watt resistors) from digikey.

I will be running my coil from a 15kv/30ma NST, and while I got it free from a sign shop years ago, the replacement cost of an NST today warrants some protection.  I have the MOVs, caps, and 10Mohm resistors lined up and inserted in a 6"x9" piece of perfboard so its similar to the photo down on this page http://www.hvtesla.com/terry.html

I get that the MOVs are all in series. But then the caps and resistors are in parallel with each other, and those parallel connections are in a series string?  And the MOVs, caps, and resistors all branch out to that NST Ground - RF Ground (which is also the bottom of the secondary, as well as a metal rod driven into the dirt, or a ground plane? I have a big roll of chicken wire) Do people usually use small lengths of wire to connect each parallel cap-resistor unit from one to the next, or ... I'm open to suggestions, or a photo of the underbelly of your Terry filter if it would help. https://snag.gy/ or similar tools are out there for pic sharing if you don't have a website or social media.

For connecting to the 1k ohm 100 watt resistors, the spark gaps, the NST and main gap, what gauge wire is recommended? Anything special about the insulation?

Also if anyone has two 1k ohm 100 watt resistors to sell, digikey wanted about $14 or so for each one.  If you can offer me a better deal and ship in the USA (Massachusetts) please contact me off list.

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