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Re: [TCML] Drainage Pipe

Hi All,

The pipe I use is double-walled HDPE. The inside wall is a smooth cylinder, and the outer wall is convoluted. The black HDPE has great electrical properties, and would probably work great for a VDG given that it can hold a static charge sometimes.

One thing to watch out for is water trapped in the cavities between the walls. There are small weep holes in the convolutes that let in water if the pipe is stored outside with the weep holes facing up. Facing the weep holes down eventually drains the water.

The windings are placed inside for several reasons:

a) the inner wall is a smooth cylinder, conducive to windings
b) the convoluted outer wall has better creepage strength against dust and moisture
c) the pipe protects the windings.

I built a matched pair of secondaries into two HDPE pipes back in 2000 for the solid-state 1:12 scale twin prototype, and they still work ok. Here's a pic of them running at the Randall Home for Aged and Decrepit Mariners awhile back.


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I've been curious about this as well.  I've wondered why he uses them on
the outside of the windings.

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>Hello all, Do any of you have qualitative data regarding the black
>corrugayed drainage pipes electrical properties.
>I know Greg leyh uses them on his coils, so it can't be all that bad.  But
>I have a different use in mind, supporting a VDG terminal.
>Thanks in advance, Jay
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