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Re: [TCML] First coil

It's been a long time since I was more active on this list. I never was a
"technical" enthusiast, so being I've had the coil in storage for probably
10 years, and have forgotten more than I remember about coiling. I'd like to
tap the group for some help or advice please.

My coil appears to operate as I remember it did, as long as I've got a sharp
pointed barb sticking out the side of the toroid to promote a discharge.
When I remove the barb to get a normal toroial discharge, I get racing
sparks along the secondary, and nothing out of the toroid, all for the same
power setting as the "barbed" setup (2kva). Thus I separated the secondary
from the primary in terms of vertical distance to lower any excessive
coupling (shooting in the dark here), but still racing arcs along the

Any ideas on the huge difference (or lack of performance) between "barbed"
and "non-barbed? No component changes have been made since a decade ago when
it all worked great, and both configurations performing equally well.


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