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Re: [TCML] Tesla Technology Research back online

Thanks for your work Jeff.

On 10/15/2017 10:45 AM, Jeff Behary wrote:
> http://www.electrotherapymuseum.com/TTRCOM/index.htm
> I uploaded Bill's site to mine as apparently it is no longer in service.  I added 14M and a video of 13M.
> Hidden here and there on my site are footage of more of Bill's coils from when I visited Dave Archer a while back...
> http://electrotherapymuseum.com/2016/DaveArcher/index.html
> and the Hoyt Axton coil:
> http://electrotherapymuseum.com/2012/BWH/index.htm
> The "Wysock Special", one of several coils I made for Bill
> http://www.electrotherapymuseum.com/2015/G/WysockSpecial/content/index.html
> Kenneth Strickfaden Coils and Frederick Finch Strong's "Ajax" Coil, Tesla Induction Motor, etc.
> http://www.electrotherapymuseum.com/WhatsNew2012D.htm
> Meters from Bill:
> http://www.electrotherapymuseum.com/2016/StrickfadenMeters/index.html
> And something Bill would have killed to see:
> http://www.electrotherapymuseum.com/2016/FFStrongbefore/index.html
> And for those wondering, the peculiar spark gap in the Hogan he sent me:
> http://www.electrotherapymuseum.com/2015/FrankCrossCountry/HoganGap/index.html
> Is primarily made of Nickel.
> There were other things to add, induction coils that he had sent, some old test equipment...these things are now in the collection of a friend "Grizzy".
> Grizzy acquired many of Bill's belongings while he was alive, in addition to most of my collection.
> More photos surfaced, blueprints, and early catalogues when TTR was known as "Professional Sound Systems Ultra High Voltage Division"...
> That was a few years ago...I'm out of the scene.  But maybe down the road more will surface.
> Best.
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