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[TCML] Choosing components to build my first Tesla Coil

So I am building my first tesla coil. I live in europe and it's a school project.
1: I am going with an NST with an output voltage of around 8k Volts. (I live europe so input isn't 120 at 60 Hz). How exactly is the current rating of the transformer related to the length of the arcs? Is it totally dependent on the capacitor tank? Or both?

2: I have seen the formula to calculate the maximum capacitance of one capacitor. However how do you decide the number of capacitors you are going to use. ( I am going with multi mini capacitor).
3: I have read about terry filters keeping your transformer safe. Is this absolutely necessary? Or do they need to be spaced far apart?
4: How do bleed resistors across each capacitor work?
5: Apparently the most popular ratio of height:diameter of your secondary coil seems to be 5:. Is there an good reason for this. Or just a good thumb rule that other coilers found to be effective?
6: I don't know if i am using pupman correctly. I hope my questions weren't too dumb.

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