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[TCML] Protective caps, was: utility PFC caps

Hey all (who were following this thread),

Just updating the followers of this thread with some details on my (2) newly acquired GE Dielektrol 0.25 uFd @ 13.8 kVAC, 60 hz. rated, protective capacitors (model # 9L18 CCL101). These are some beasts in a 4" thick X 9.5" tall X 13.5" long metal square box, not including the additional 9.375" tall single bushin, and weigh in about 33 lbs. each. The actual measured capacitance on both of them is right at 0.27 uFd and in series, this makes for a 0.135 uFd (@ 27.6 kVAC) cap for a possible future candidate as a primary tank cap for my big Green Monster coil. That places them within a 10% tolerance, and unless I'm seriously mistaken, that would place them well within a reasonable ballpark of their nameplate rating. 

What was really sweet was how reasonable these eBay specials turned out to be, with a $140 total investment, including S&H! Takes a bit of patience and diligence to land a deal like this, but perseverance paid off. ;-)

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