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Re: [TCML] Utility PFC Caps

Hi Bert, (and Terry O),

Thanks for your response(s), as this list seems almost DOA these days.

Yes, Terry I recall you mentioning to me years ago about your experience with these types of caps. As a matter of fact, you are the only person that I can recall talking with who had actual experience using these as a TC tank cap and I also recall your mentioning having to tear the case open and rearranging the internal capacitor segments from a parallel to a series orientation. (I) would really prefer to avoid that part, though! ;-)

Actually Bert, I have located a couple of single eared, GE, 13.8 kVAC rated PFC caps (110 kV biL), that were actually stamped with their rated capacitance as 0.25 uFd and strangely enough don't have their actual kVAR rating stamped on the "kVAR" segment of the nameplate. The math would work out to ~25 kVAR, I would assume. It appears they were manufactured in the mid-1990's, and the nameplate states that the 'dielektrol IV' impregnant fluid has "less than 1 PPM of PCB", so PCBs are likely not an issue. I was thinking of the possibility of seriesing them through their bushing connections, allowing their outer casing to 'float' as the midpoint for a .125 uFd @ 27.6 kVAC rated unit, as I am searching for a cap (or cap combo) that comes reasonably close to the 0.1 uFd that I am currently using in my big coil, which is driven by a 14,400 volt pole pig. So it appears that that aside from the ferromagnetic properties of the outer metal casing (which can cause notable heating above ambient temp due to interaction with the generated RF magnetic fields), these would make for a good tank cap.

Thanks for your expertise,

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