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Hi all, 

Since I have personally received conflicting data on this issue before, I figured that I would post my question to this list. Just hoping one of the more knowledgeable gurus of this list could expand upon the typical dielectric system that is employed in the power factor correction capacitor units that are used by the electrical utility companies for power factor regulation of their primary line feeders. Would their dielectric systems have acceptably low enough losses for any serious consideration as being suitable for use as the main tank circuit capacitor(s) of a larger classical SH driven coil systems (assuming a properly calibrated capacitance for optimal tuning, of course). Considering the harsh electrical conditions caused by lightning strikes and line switching surges, as well as the environmental conditions of 24/7 operation in the open elements vs. the demand for many years of reliability, it would appear that these units should be nearly bullet proof, at least from an over-voltage standpoint. 


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