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[TCML] 10x 115 VAC vacuum cleaner motors for sale

I am in the process of clearing stuff out and figured I would post
these here before I throw them out. I have seen some designs that used
a vacuum cleaner motor for the spark gap of a tesla coil. Without the
filters in front of these, the motors move a tremendous amount of air.
They also heat the air quite a bit.

I have a bunch of vacuum cleaner motors that I have removed from
vacuum cleaners. All these units were picked up off the curbside. I
suspect most of them work, but have not tested them. As you can see,
most are in OK shape with a few that are ugly. The big ones are about
12 amps, the little ones are around 9 amps. Also pictured are the
rubber 'boots' that fit on one side of the motor.

$25 + shipping takes the whole lot. I'm in Austin, TX. If you're
interested let me know your address and I will get you a shipping


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