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Re: [TCML] Old Hot streamer Spreadsheet gone AWOL

There is a mirror of hot-streamer at http://www.classictesla.com/hot-streamer/

It doesn't have its own search feature that I can see, so you could download the whole thing to your local drive with something like wget -r or http://www.httrack.com/

Then run it through your antivirus program - I recall someone found a few viruses in some of its zip files a while back.

Then do a grep or find for *.xls files to see the spreadsheets in there, making sure your search looks in the contents of the zip files in case it's in one.

When you find it on your local drive, you should be able to match it up its path to a link branched off from http://www.classictesla.com/hot-streamer/

Brian Hall

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All, - especially the old 'uns

There was a long time ago a spreadsheet compiled by someone showing the
performance of around 10 to 15 of the top performing coils of that time
(probably the late 90's). It listed in great detail the electrical
characteristics of each coil in what was a quest to find the Holy Grail
ingredient of spark-gap coil performance of that time (remember
spark-gap coils).

Hotstreamer mirrors are great if you have an idea where you're looking,
or who the author was, but without either can be hard work. Does anyone
know any details about the spreadsheet, for example who compiled it (was
a well known coiler of the time), or have a copy even?

Regards Phil
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