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Re: [TCML] Jacob's Ladder

Hi Yesn,

Me and my father, we have not ever had any problems with NST's. They have
the shunts to limit the current. Can run nonstop without heating problems.
Your NST should work if it is all working correctly. In fact me and my
father, this is one of a few different tests we perform on NST's when we
get a "new to us" one to check the output strenght or problems :-(  before
SGTC use.

The wire should be at least #14 solid (small ladder) #12 + is even better
(don't know the metric equivalent offhand right now, your in Europe
correct? ). As long as the wire can be bent to shape and stand up under
it's own weight.

Me and my father, we have a ladder made out of ~4 ft. long stainless steel
rods about 5/16" - 3/8" dia.  with bent in handles that were originally
used for electrodes to shock earthworms out of the ground. These were bent
and modified some and then mounted to a board by the original handles with
clamps on the rod that when tightened just snug, allows adjustment of the
rod gap taper. Works nice since the rods are nice and straight. Can get
them to go all the way up.

The arc is very ionized like a plasma flame. Very smooth, not much noise,
actually  pleasant sounds, unlike a TC Spark gap. As far as I know, very
little UV also and not too much RF noise generated.

Happy Holidays Also,


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