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[TCML] Now running https!

Hi folks,

I (finally) got pupman.com on https.  Yay!

What this means for you:

1) There was a little bit of a delay in approving messages while I got the list software massaged to serve up https links with the correct host

2) Your list admin password is still stored in some reversible (or none) manner and can be mailed out in the clear, which is a major shortcoming of this version of the list software. Therefore, don't use: a) your favorite password; b) a password used anywhere else you care about.
Eventually I'll upgrade to 3.x, which still seems a little unstable.

That's about it, but at least we're "Getting Modern"(tm).

Oh, and if you are interested in free SSL keys, go to letsencrypt.org.

Thanks for your patience.

Chip Atkinson
List owner, TCML

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