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[TCML] RSG grounding

Does anyone have any thoughts on connecting the RSG motor housing to the RF ground? This is my current set up. What I am trying to protect against is the possibility of a streamer hit or an accidental connection to the primary tank circuit to the motor. It seems that without the RSG housing being connected to RF ground, any streamer strikes to the motor could couple an extremely high voltage back into the house wiring via the 120 volt power line for the motor. On the other hand, since my strike rail is also connected to the same RF ground, any deficiencies in the RF grounding rod resistance to the ground could result in the streamer strike going through the motor anyway because of a lower impedance path.

I should mention that I have been running with the RSG motor housing connected to RF ground with no apparent ill effects to the motor even though I get a lot of hits to the strike rail.
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