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Re: [TCML] Tesla Coil Magnet Wire

Hi Matt, A 4.250"X 20" coil of 26AWG comes out to a little under one pound of wire at 1291 Ft. Unless you have use for the other 4999 Ft on that roll I would go for this, Magnet Wire, Enameled Copper Wire, 26 AWG, 1.0 Lbs, 1280' Length, 0.0168" Diameter, Red, at Amazon
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Hi all, I'm gathering supplies for my new small Tesla coil (4" x 20"
winding) and have a few quick questions.

I calculated to use 26AWG wire for this secondary, I've heard it is best to
use 22AWG or larger but I believe that is only for larger coils correct?

I found some affordable wire on Amazon:


This is 26AWG Polyurethane with a Polyamide over-coat. Does anyone have
experience with this manufacturer (TEMCo) or have suggestions on a more
reliable source? I'm willing to pay more for better quality but within
reason of course this is just a small coil.

I'm planning on using 13X0.15uf/2000V capacitors for about 10pf at 26KV
driven by a 12KV/30ma NST. Do you think that is sufficient voltage on the
MMC? I'll be using an adjustable PowerStat 20A power transformer so I can
run at lower voltages at first.

I can add more capacitors (30 total) but then the capacitance drops too low
towards resonance and I don't want to destroy my NST =)

I am still in pre-build stage so any suggestions would be very welcome.

Oh also does anyone know the best way to cut cutting board for supports? I
figured a table saw is inappropriate I do have a small band-saw but I guess
I'd need a different blade for plastics vs wood?

I'm trying to source some thin-walled 4" PVC but no luck so far except
special order for 20' lengths at menards - that won't fit in my car =)

Thanks for any suggestions!

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